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Don’t start being creative with your language in a conclusion don’t try to add too much don’t give me too many details don’t give me any new arguments don’t give me any sophisticated language or like a lot of people try to put all their whatever transitions or linking words they didn’t use in the body they try to squeeze it in the conclusion you’re forcing things your whole conclusion is going to become weaker and fall apart you’re going to lose points and that goes with language don’t experiment with the language in the conclusion okay when the grader gets to the end of your body paragraphs when he or she understands your argument and understands how you that you have or have not supported your thesis your introduction. Find great conclusion examples at Robotdon.

You’ve basically already gotten your score for the essay in the conclusion you don’t want to make any mistakes you don’t want to make any grammar mistakes you don’t wanna make any mistakes with vocab you don’t want to make any mistakes with punctuation keep it simple keep it short keep it to the point don’t lose points okay don’t experiment here do all your experimenting in the body paragraphs okay so we’re going to look at a few examples now and you’ll get a better idea of what I’m talking about here okay so what I have here I have the question task I have my thesis statement where I actually give my opinion because this question is asking for an opinion I’m telling you what I did in the first body in the second body then I’m going to show you the conclusion so the question is asking you to what extent you agree or disagree with a belief that voting during elections is a waste of time and energy so my introduction while I agree for the most part that’s my extent that no individual can make a great impact through one vote I also believe that mobilizing an entire segment of the population can make all the difference in the world okay.

So I’m telling you my belief that you can make a difference with your vote body one why it’s in everyone’s interest to vote body to the dangers of not voting and then to conclude in my conclusion to conclude no no one vote on its own can change the status quo however every single vote can add to a collection of in Gardner a powerful tool to keep fringe elements at bay and to make politicians listen up and act so no one vote on its own can change the status quo that means that in my thesis I said no individual vote can make a no individual can make a great impact sorry through one vote however and I still have I also believe so I have the however every single vote can add to the collection and make a difference and and it’s a powerful tool so it’s in everyone’s interest and keep fringe element away which I discuss as part of the dangers the fringe element which is another topic altogether.

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