Purpose Of Writing

Today we are going to do essay writing we will be doing how to write or make a framework for an essay and we will also see how to write the keywords that are associated with framing an essay so how to outline and how to make a framework for an essay what are the key elements that go into writing an essay see so far we have done plenty of grammar vocabulary building we have done plenty of exercises we have seen how sentences are made we have seen various parts of speeches word categories word formation collocation also at one point we have also seen how to write an email how to do Prezi and also writing a paragraph so you know that if we take care of our paragraphs the other paragraphs or the rest of the essay will take care of itself.

That’s the importance of paragraph and which we have already done in one of our previous classes so considering that 75% of this course is already over you have to be now extremely clear about the rest of the other remaining classes that we are going to do which are going to be all about writing and writing not just a sentence or a mere paragraph but writing extensively and I am going to explain the mechanics of longer pieces of writing you have to remember that all the things that we have been learning so far are going to come in handy from now onwards of course everything is interconnected everything is interrelated but from today onwards whatever we have done it’s going to have an impact on what we do or how you approach writing complex pieces especially we are talking about technical kind of writing and academic writing so please recall please don’t ignore any of the classes that we have already done and all the topics that we have already done I would want you I would like you to revise whatever we have been doing so far in order to approach the subsequent classes including today’s class as you are well aware of written composition remains at the center of our education system.

Why do I say that you have to know that written works carry the maximum weight in our grading and assessment system especially at University and Institute level you know that written works test students on several parameters such as grammar syntax or construction of sentences structuring sentences vocabulary punctuation and text organization so all these things are evaluated on the basis of your written compositions you also know that compositions may range between one paragraph report and also extensive report writing and writing 300 pages of doctoral theses or your I’m decker I’m SC theses so all these things require extensive awareness about the mechanics of writing so in my discussion on essay writing I will focus on the most common types of academic writing that our students need particularly in our Indian context you may ask that what is their purpose what is the relevance of an essay.

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